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KWIK-FRAMES - Metal or Oak

Increase the value of your ARTWORK:

 • DIY Option - Reduce expenses by doing this easy installation yourself, while enhancing your art with framing.
 •  Art Sales & Exhibitions - Give your art show a professional look with the same frames, but in different colors and sizes (which may be more suitable to the art.)
 • Desirability - The clean, simple lines of Kwik-Frames makes an attractive presentation.
 • Price - The low cost of Kwik-Frames help sales increase.
 • Practical - Buyers take home art, which is framed and
ready to hang.

Increase the value of your MEMORIES:

 • Photos - Sort out all those important, funny and loving photographs "stored"
in boxes and drawers which you've been "intending" to do something nice with.
Put several photos in the same frame.
 • Certificates - Birth and marriage certificates. Technical, business, medical school?
High school? Frame the diploma and a photo in the same frame!
 • Photographs as gifts - Send framed photos as gifts to your Mom or boyfriend or girlfriend. Send framed photos to other family members.
 • Event Invitations - Frame the wedding invitation you received, as a gift for the
bride and groom.

Ready-made frames designed for art on canvas, are available at CardBlanks.
Frames for art on canvas do not require glass.

please phone Customer Service at: 1-800-711-5811.

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Glass or Plexiglas, Custom Sizes are NOT RETURNABLE.
They are considered a Final Sale.

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